Tourism Grou Friesland

Grou is located in the center of Friesland. You will find all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday, a great weekend or a nice day trip. Here you can watch an video impression. Because of its clear lakes and waterways and the peaceful scenery Grou is loved by boaters, both young and old. Even not water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the many attractions in and around Grou and along the waterfront or enjoy a beautiful bike trail which is called The Ferry Route, 'The 8 van Grou'. Numerous events are organized in Grou and in the area in the summer period

The many lakes, canals and ponds that are so characteristic for this area, making Grou a paradise for boaters both young and old. Earlier the open connections on the water were offering extensive transportation options. Nowadays they making Friesland a true water sports paradise with in the center Grou and National Park Alde Feanen.

You also have to experience the start of 'Het Skûtsjesilen' in Grou every summer and discover the real Frisian water sports sensation.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Grou.